Online Master of Science in Criminal Justice

$50 Book Stipend
for LASD Employees

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Earn Your Master's Online
from a Top 3 Criminal Justice School

University of Cincinnati's School of Criminal Justice is ranked among the Top 3 Criminal Justice programs in the country by U.S. News & World Report, and it’s the only school in the top 3 with an online master’s degree. We have partnered with LASD to offer all employees enrolled in the 2-year, online Master of Science in Criminal Justice a book credit of up to $50 each term the student is satisfactorily enrolled in the program. In order to receive the stipend each term, students must be currently employed with the LASD and meet the minimum academic requirements established by the University of Cincinnati School of Criminal Justice.

Michael Kilbane

2006 Graduate

“This degree gives you an incredible competitive advantage…”

Read more about how this degree helped Michael

Ryan LaBrecque

2010 Graduate, Corrections

“Every course was applicable in my current role as a Probation and Parole Officer…”

Read more about how this degree helped Ryan

Lance Heard

2006 Graduate, College Professor

“…I am keeping my students at the forefront of technology.”

Read more about how this degree helped Lance

Bryan Tye

2008 Graduate, Marine

“This is an excellent degree if you are planning on advancing yourself in a new career.”

Read more about how this degree helped Bryan

Michael Ramon

2010 Graduate, US Marshal

“My UC education opened my eyes to a variety of problems and issues in criminal justice…”

Read more about how this degree helped Michael

Crystal Gregory

2008 Graduate, Forensic Interviewer

“Being able to explain the entire scope of the court system to a victim is invaluable.”

Read more about how this degree helped Crystal

Thomas Lynch

2010 Graduate, Investigator

“I used to focus on just getting the bad guy, but now I have an appreciation for the system as a whole.”

Read more about how this degree helped Thomas

Program Highlights

  • 100% online – continue your efforts in your community
  • Eleven total courses (33 semester hours): Graduate in as few as two years of
    dedicated part-time study or one year of full-time study
  • Take only one course at a time in the part-time program (two courses in
    the full-time program)
  • Three enrollment periods each year: fall, spring, and summer
  • Your faculty is ranked #1 in publishing research
    (Journal of Criminal Justice, 2007)
  • Receive the same degree on-campus students receive — all courses are
    taught by full-time University of Cincinnati faculty

Optional Degree Concentration

You can elect to focus your master’s degree in Corrections and Offender Rehabilitation, Analysis of Criminal Behavior, or Law Enforcement & Crime Prevention.
  • Analysis of Criminal Behavior
  • Law Enforcement & Crime Prevention
  • Corrections & Offender Rehabilitation
For more information, please contact Dennis Gaugh at 800-645-5078 extension 5154 or complete the form at the top of this page.

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