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Criminal Justice Jobs in Education

Graduates of the UC Master’s degree in Criminal Justice program understand their curriculum to such a degree that they are poised to pass that knowledge on to others. Learn more about a career in criminal justice education.

Criminal Justice Jobs for Social Service Professionals

Counselors, case workers, advocates, and many more make up the social services industry. Discover what path is right for you.

Criminal Justice Jobs in Investigation

Investigators work for police or fire departments, the government, retail corporations, insurance agencies, in the legal system, and more. Learn more about a career as an Investigator.

Federal Criminal Justice Jobs

Federal careers include Homeland Security, the FBI, U.S. Marshals, Customs, and many more. Learn more about using your talents with a career in the federal government.

Criminal Justice Jobs in Corrections

Corrections includes a varied group of professionals who work in probation, parole, in prisons, and more. Learn more about a career in corrections.

Criminal Justice Salary

There are many reasons to earn your master’s degree in criminal justice, but the one question everyone asks is, “How much can I make?”

Career Resources

This section can serve as your one-stop-shop for criminal justice resources on the web.

Analysis of Criminal Behavior Careers

Focusing your master’s degree in Analysis of Criminal Behavior offers a wide degree of career options due to the breadth of specialized opportunities.

Law Enforcement and Crime Prevention Careers

Law enforcement professionals represent a diverse group of men and women sharing a strong sense of brotherhood for what they do, and an overall pride in their community.

Corrections and Offender Rehabilitation Careers

There may be a variety of new career options and advancement opportunities available to individuals specializing in Corrections and Offender Rehabilitations.

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