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Here you can find a video library of presentations by our nationally recognized faculty.

Ed Latessa- What works and What Doesn’t in Reducing Recidivism

Professor Edward Latessa reviews the lessons he has learned in what works and what does not work in reducing recidivism.

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Joseph Nedelec: Cybercrime and digital security: How criminology can inform the future

Professor Joseph Nedelec discusses how digital security can help inform criminology and how criminal justice agencies can approach antisocial behavior often prevalent in cybercriminals.

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John Wright: Biosocial Criminology: Where Nature and Nurture Collide

Professor John Wright reviews biosocial criminology and how it is advancing criminological work today. He discusses how biosocial criminology can unify social science and hard science to gain a better understanding of human behavior, human psychology, human emotions and human development.

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Criminological Tiers and Mortgage Fraud: Did White-Collar Crime Cause The Great Recession?

Professor Michael Benson discusses how the mortgage market in the US in the 2000s was structured in such a way that it created opportunities for different types of criminal networks operating at different levels or tiers to engage in massive fraud.

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